How to Book an Appointment

Creare Clinic is committed to provide quality care for all our patients that complies with regulatory requirements. Our services are streamlined to ensure both safety and efficiency.  

Steps to make an appointment: 

  1. Scan or take a copy of your referral and submit it via our patient referral submission portal.  
  2. Give our system 24 hours to create a chart for you, then ring our office on (07) 33536165 to make an appointment. Sometimes your doctor may have submitted a referral for you electronically, we will be happy to check this for you when you contact us for an appointment.
  3. You will then receive a confirmation email for your appointment, attached will be a Patient Registration Form which will need to be filled out and returned ASAP to confirm your appointment. 
  4. You will receive an SMS reminder 5-7 days prior to your appointment. 
  5. It is important if you are seeing us about a skin cancer that you check with your referring doctor whether the timeframe of your appointment is appropriate for your cancer. 

Our Practice Policy

  • We will not be initiating contact with you to make appointments.  You will need to ring us to make an appointment after you have submitted your referral. 
  • We are not able to make you an appointment by email. Due to our need to have the flexibility to fit in urgent cases, our system only allows appointment by phone only.
  • We cannot make an appointment for you without a valid referral. This is so that we are able to review the referral and let you know if the treatment you require is available through our clinic. Our surgeon subspecialises in certain areas of plastic surgery and may not be able to offer you the treatment that you need. This process will help you avoid an unnecessary visit and associated costs. 
  • Please note that your appointment may be cancelled if you do not reply with confirmation to your SMS reminder. 
  • Please let us know if you are running late; sometimes we may not be able to accommodate a delayed consultation and we may have to rebook your appointment. 
  • If you failed to attend your appointment on the day (after confirmation), it is our practice policy that a prepayment will be required if any further appointments are made. 
  • If you fail to attend your appointment twice, it is our practice policy that no further appointments will be offered. 


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